Commercial Services

Branding Studio provides Commercial Services and Products. We offer wide range of IT Solutions to Small and Medium Business

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Web Applications Platform Independent Solutions

We provide Web Applications and Web Supported Applications

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Web Solutions Web Design and Developemt

We Design and Develop websites for Medium and Small Business

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Web Hosting Shared, Standalone Hosting Services

We Provide Web Hosting Solutions for a competitive Prices

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Non Profit Products

Branding Studio contributes a little towards Open Source Community. We provide OS to Fonts completely Copy-Left, The font used in this website is Blaze Crisp Sans which can be downloaded from the below link

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Blaze OSm Open Operating System

Blaze OSm is an Operating System redefined. Idea behind building Blaze is to provide professional level operating system which is simultaneously Free, Portable, Feature Rich and User-Centric

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Blaze Fonts Open Type Fonts

Blaze Fonts are Copy Left fonts which in no way restricts users. Its completely free and can be used for both personal and professional use. These fonts will be available in Public Domain

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Refresh Desktop Desktop Solutions

Refresh Desktop Tools to find the causes of Slow performance Devices. Search and Address the Bottlenecks that is affecting your Device rather than buying a new Desktop or a Laptop.

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Web Design
Web Application
Web Hosting
Web Optimization

Web Technologies

Branding Studio implements a variety of designing techniques for your website. Which can be broadly classifed as Conventional method and Content Management method. Tailoring to need, we will suggest you best suitable method for the requirement.

Conventional method include Coding with HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. Content management method such as Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal are implemented for content rich websites. Conventional and Content Management methods are also combined to provide a much efficient and functional website. Branding Studio also provide an easy access to the contents, where the User can prefer to moderate and edit the contents from their end.

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Conventional and Content Management System
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